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Qnext is the easiest way to share all of your music, photos, and files with anyone, and also talk and share with anyone.

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Qnext is the easiest way to share all of your music, photos, and files with anyone, instantly. You can also use it to talk to IM and Email contacts from a single list.

And now you can talk and share with anyone, even if they don't have Qnext.

Here are some key features of "Qnext":

Qnext Music Streaming

Make Some Noise.

Qnext Music Streaming is the only way to listen to your entire music Library from anywhere in the world. Choose up to 700,000 songs and select your Audience; your tunes will be streamed instantly to whoever you want. Whether you want to share with yourself or with your friends, this is the only way to stream your music to any web browser on the planet.

Instant Access

No uploading = no waiting. Qnext lets you instantly listen to all of your music from anywhere. Browse through your library by Artist, Album or Genre, or create and share your favorite playlists. Your audience can even make their own playlists from your tunes.

Qnext Photo Sharing

Point. Shoot. Share

Qnext Photo Sharing is the easiest way to share an unlimited amount of photos with anyone, even if they don’t have Qnext; Just choose your photos, choose your Audience and you’re done; your friends will receive a link that lets them view or download (with permission) your photos from any web browser. They can browse through thumbnails, zoom into photos, and run custom slideshows too!

No Uploading
Why waste your time uploading your photos to a website? You already spent enough time getting them from your camera onto your computer! Qnext lets you share all your photos as fast as you take them. You can literally share hundreds of photos in seconds.

But wait, there’s more…

Unlike other photo sharing tools, Qnext does not limit the number of photos you can share at a time, or the size of each individual photo. Finally, you can share all of your photos the way they were meant to be seen: in original quality.

Qnext File Sharing

Qnext File Sharing is the easiest way to get those huge files where they need to go fast. Put an unlimited amount of files or folders of any size into a File zone and select your Audience; your specified recipients will get a link in an Email or an Instant Message and be able to download any or all of your shared files at top speeds, from any web browser in the world!

Files ain't getting any smaller ...

Let's face it, Email just isn't a practical way to send massive files, and FTP sites are complicated and time-consuming. We understand your frustration and we have a solution: File sharing. No file size restrictions and no file type restrictions; just the easiest and fastest way for you to share big files with friends, family, and coworkers.

Qnext Universal Messenger

A Single Point of Contact.

Qnext Universal Messenger keeps you truly connected to everyone. Import your buddy lists and address books and we’ll let you talk to everyone from a single list. That’s right, send messages to your IM buddies, and Emails to your contacts all from one list!

Instant Messaging

With Qnext you can import your buddy lists from MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, and ICQ. Now you can talk to all your buddies from a single list, including your Qnext Friends.


You can also import your address books from Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AIM Mail, and GMail, or add individual Email contacts. Now you’re never more than a double-click away from sending an Email straight from your Qnext contact list! And any replies will be delivered directly to your regular inbox; you can even “CC” Email contacts on Instant Messages, and vice versa.

Easy Sharing

Having all your friends in one place means they are never more than a click away from accessing any music, photos, or files you’ve shared with them too! Say good-bye to the days of cutting and pasting from your address books every time you want to share something.

Qnext File Transferring

From Point A to Point B.

A Qnext File Transfer is the absolute fastest and easiest way to get a file or folder of any size to any Qnext Friend. We call it a "Drag n' Drop File Transfer" because all you have to do is drag the file from its location on your computer, and drop it on the name of the desired recipient. It's that easy to move any type of file of any size to anyone.

Speeding bullets are jealous

File Transfers really show how special Qnext is. If you've ever tried to send even a 10 MB file in an Email, or with another Instant Messenger, you know what we're talking about; it is a painful process. This is because your files go from you, up to a server, and down to the recipient. Qnext takes the direct route and sends your files directly from you to your recipient, so you can send 100 MB or even Gigabytes worth of files in a fraction of the time.

And much more!

Last updated on November 26th, 2007

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