Nicotine-Plus 1.2.8

Nicotine-Plus is a fork of Nicotine, the Python/GTK+ 2 client for the Soulseek P2P Network.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.3/5 20
Nicotine-Plus Team
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
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Nicotine-Plus is a fork of Nicotine, the Python/GTK+ 2 client for the Soulseek P2P Network. Nicotine-Plus's features include remote uploads, separate shares sent to Buddies, GUI improvements, and a tray icon.

What's New in This Release:

· Support for Spell Checking in chat added (libsexy and python-sexy required)
· Other users Interests are now shown in the User Info tab, with expanders
· Send Message added to trayicon
· Popup Menus in Private, Chatrooms, and User Browse reorganized
· The user-entry boxes are now buddy-list combobox entries
· Users with PyGTK >= 2.10 will use the gtk.StatusIcon instead of the old module.
· Added a filemanager popup item to the self-browse menu; configurable under Settings->Advanced->Events
· Gstreamer-Python support for sound effects added
· Added Soulseek testing server (port 2242) to the server combobox.
· Changed the URL Catcher's syntax. The ampersand "&" is no longer needed at the end of URL Handlers. The handler entry is now a combobox and includes a bunch of webbrowser commands.
· Userlist Columns are hidable and hidden status is saved.

· Added a "Group by users" check box
· Added Expand/Collapse all toggle button to transfers
· Added a popup dialog to the "Clear Queued" transfers buttons

· Added gallows' patch for including your username in the private chat log. (ticket #161)
· Direct private messages (currently only supported by Nicotine+ >=

· Search now has combo boxes, per-room searching and per-user searching.
· Added Wishlist and changed remembered search tabs to only display when new search results arrive
· Switch to newly started search tab (ticket #157)

· gallows added userinfo image zooming via the scrollwheel (ticket #160)

· Changed Audio Player Syntax it now uses "$" as the filename
· Exit dialog can be disabled in Settings->UI
· When a config option is detected as unset, print it in the log window.
· Move Icon theme and trayicon settings to a seperate frame
· Move sound effect and audio player settings to a seperate frame
· Reopen Settings dialog, if a setting is not set.

· On Win32, hyriand's multithreaded socket selector is used. This will allow a larger number of sockets to be used, thus increasing stability.
· Added Server Message 57 (User Interests)
· Send
with userinfo description instead of just

· Uploads to other Nicotine+ users work better
· Userinfo Description does not scroll to the bottom of the window
· Fixed a few bugs with the trayicon
· Fixed server reconnection not actually trying to reconnect (and giving up on the first try)

· Lithuanian translation updated
· Euskare translation updated

Last updated on June 3rd, 2007

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