Lopster 1.2.2

Lopster is a peer-to-peer client using OpenNAP protocol.
Lopster is a file-sharing client that supports napster-like server such as OpenNap or SlavaNap.

Napster is a protocol for sharing files between users. With Napster, the files stay on the client machine, never passing through the server. The server provides the ability to search for particular files and initiate a direct transfer between the clients. In addition, chat forums similar to IRC are available

Here are some key features of "Lopster":

compression support for server-client communication (opennap-ng)
autoconnect to server and channels
external event handling for a few events (calling external script)
support of all opennap commands
basic IRC support
statistic for current transfers and file accesses
multi source downloads and autoresume
bandwidth limitation per transfer and user
user priority classes for uploads
search on Napster, in Library, in Browses and Search Results
notification when hotlist users are on
display filters for browses
quick search in browse
libraries are save/load-able
quick search in your library
opennap channel operator extension support
colors scheme support
highlightet text for special words and friend users
colored nicks in both chat and the channel user list
TAB completion of commands and users



last updated on:
June 5th, 2006, 23:25 GMT
developed by:
Markus Lausser
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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