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HeavyMole is an ambitious file sharing and communication application (P2P).




HeavyMole is an ambitious file sharing and communication application (P2P).

Here are some key features of "HeavyMole":

advanced UDP based communication protocol: the developers set up a new P2P protocol which mixes the flooding ideas of Gnutella and data cenntralization of servers. One feature is that there are NO limitations on the number of users unlike all other P2P applications.
some central servers are used mainly for chat rooms creation and connection or to find other online users. No other data on users actions are centralized nor can be traced: chat messages, queries, answers, etc... do never pass through the server. As a result, the system preserves a lot of user confidentiality, and HeavyMole servers can run on really tiny systems.
advanced query language, filtering of answers, allows several simultaneous requests,...
you can chat on public rooms, have a private chat with other users, browse their files, suggest them files to download,...
download queue with full priority control and automated saving and resuming of unterminated downloads. It also allows to download files while preserving the complete directory structure.
nice, simple, intuitive, but powerful and complete graphical user interface.
strong code architecture.

What's New in This Release:

Drag and drop between almost everything.
Theme and font management (skins).
Advanced log management: much more events are commented and a log file is written.
Last updated on December 12th, 2007

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