HashPipe 1.1

Hashpipe is peer to peer file sharing system writen in PHP.
Hashpipe is peer to peer file sharing system writen in PHP.

Main features:

  • All communication uses HTTPS (or HTTP), this simulates website traffic and it would be difficult to tell the difference.
  • If you are behind a proxy/firewall you should have no problem connecting as long as you can access websites on the Internet.
  • (more proxy support coming soon.. NTLM?)
  • All files are referenced and located by their MD5 hash only.
  • To start a download all you need is the 32 hex string representing a file's hash (no .torrent files!)
  • Users are identified by a unique, 32 character string instead of by IP address.
  • A hashpipe alias server can resolve an alias to the last reported IP:PORT to allow a connection
  • Less TCP overhead and less half-open connections compared to the bittorrent protocol
  • The official hash server and alias server are written in PHP/MySQL.
  • Other hashpipe servers can join the central network or create new private networks
  • The prototype client is also written in PHP/MySQL. PHP is very fast to program in, and is compatible with many platforms, which is perfect for developing a network protocol, but support for forking is lacking and performance is lower than compiled binaries...
  • Once the network is well established, other clients will be developed in more efficient languages
  • HashPipe is 100% free and open source, no strings attached. Licensed as Public Domain.

last updated on:
October 2nd, 2007, 21:55 GMT
license type:
Public Domain 
developed by:
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
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