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FuQT is a client for Linux written in c++ for retrieving and inserting data on Secure Anonymous and Encrypted P2P network.
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FuQT application is a client for Linux written in c++ for retrieving and inserting data on Secure Anonymous and Encrypted P2P network Freenet, Entropy_RSA. Entropy RSA is a faster and more sophisticated replacement for Freenet, a distributed datastore filesharing network of peers.

Please use CVS at http://entropy.stop1984.com/en/cvs.html to install latest code Entropy screenshots, here http://entropy.stop1984.com/en/screenshots.html Home http://entropy.stop1984.com/en/home.html.


· Qt 3.x

Installing & running fuqt

- make sure that you have qt and qt-devel installed

1. extract using tar -xjvf fuqt-$version-.tar.bz2
2. cd $new_Fuqtdir
3. qmake (*)
4. make
5. run fuqt

(*) before step 3. you may want to run 'qmake -project'. It can be skipped because fuqt.pro is included with the project files. If you decide to do this make sure it generates 'CONFIG += warn_on qt thread x11' in fuqt.pro because 'qmake -project' takes its defaults from the 'mkspecs' directory which may not include these.

If you would like the output directed to a file use:

./fuqt 1> somefile.out 2> someotherfile.err
or use ./start.sh

fuqt.kdevelop is included so that you may easily edit, compile, run and debug fuqt using kdevelop3.


- the parameter 'dldir' in .FuQT.conf determines where FuQT creates its base directory for downloads and temporary files.

- if there is a .FuQT.conf in the directory where the program resides then this one is used instead of the one in the home directory.

- the 'dontfreeze' parameter in .conf was set to 1 default (used to be 0 = off). This means that block 1 will be tried *even* if the request is frozen.

- The priority systems works a little different than fuqid's. Priorities 1-5 simply are an indication of how often
a splitfile is requested (prority 1=high, 5=low), as opposed to fuqid where 1= "always" and 5= "if nothing else to do".

Reason for this is the submission of requests system: strictly oldest request first (and higher priority requests more often). This means that parts of a file having many splitfiles is requested more often. That way we can guarantee that all splitfiles are requested equally.

pro: - maximum global throughput
con: - small files may take longer

last updated on:
July 27th, 2007, 13:35 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
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