Fast Messaging Peer to Peer 0.8.0-dev

Fast Messaging Peer to Peer (FM P2P) is a simple P2P program that forms a TCP-based overlay network.

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Sam Baskinger
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
Fast Messaging Peer to Peer (FM P2P) is a simple P2P program that forms a TCP-based overlay network by which a user may chat or share files.

Why name this FastMessaging when it's anything but fast? Simply put, it is a reference to the underlying functioning of the application. TCUP, the protocol used to do the overlay network (the network we build ontop of an existing TCP/IP network) is message based.

We think it is Fast because there is no queueing or long searches. FastMessaging is built to construct moderately sized networks which have reasonably high responsiveness at the cost of global information sharing.

Perhaps that's not the best reasoning, but it works. It's just a name and the application needs a better name anyway. For now I just refer to it as FM.


Java Environment

What's New in 0.7.1 Stable Release:

A major change was made to the way a node learns about other nodes.
TCUP now carries layer 3 and 4 information related to that node's outbound connections.
Other nodes may observe outbound connection annoucements and act accordingly.
Also, distance is traced, allowing the TCUP node to build a link state database.
All outbound connections are still driven by the FM layer's NodeManager module. This module now has the notion of Ignore and Seed lists.
Many bugs were fixed.

What's New in 0.8.0 Development Release:

This is an early, incomplete release of 0.8.0 that includes some bugfixes, but most importantly includes the implementation of basic SSL.
By basic, it is meant that the check box "Use SSL" in the configuration menu will cause anonymous SSL connections to be required inbound and outbound on all new connections with an FMP2P node.

Last updated on October 13th, 2006

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