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The full-featured filesharing client come to the linux world.





DreaMule is an advanced file sharing application for all users who want to make downloads of music, movies, photos and everything they want.

The DreaMule has more than 300 features, improvements and corrected errors compared to the already perfect eMule and the main promoted feature in DreaMule is the Low2Low, a advanced system to made LowId clients communicable, putting a end in the problems of have a Lowid. Pity that only works between people using the DreaMule, but we already 100+ k and growing fast !

*Why is so BIG* = The DreaMule for linux is a FULL working client for Linux, it uses the Gecko , Wine and a Modified DreaMule. The client is fully responsive using 0% of CPU when IDLE.

But the gecko is 6 MB, the Wine is 13 MB and DreaMule is 8 MB, all of these packages are modified , so thats why is bundled with the download.

With it you can make downloads of music, movies, photos and everything you want. From a simple way and quickly. Moreover, the DreaMule is already configured and will be ready for use right after the installation completes.

· Player of songs and videos integrated;
With this feature you can view videos and songs before they are downloaded completely and
use the DreaMule as a center of entertainment without the need for external application. Our player is completely codec free( we use the VLC codecs bundled)

· Turn off the computer to stop the downloads;
You can activate an option in DreaMule that off the computer at the end of their downloads.

· Graphical interface completely new;
The interface was redone, now you have a complete immersion in the world P2P.

· Fake files detector.;
When the DreaMule analyzes the file and think that its a fake(for example, a .exe file should not have a ID3 header) it will give you a hint.

· Flags with User country Identification.
Along with the graphical user has an identification of the country in which he resides.

· History of Downloads;
The DreaMule automatically detects that the file you are trying to download, has already been downloaded before and cancels.

Here are some key features of "DreaMule":

· Dismiss any setting;
· Extreme download control for faster downloads than ever;
· Keyboard shortcut to hide DreaMule (with just one click you can temporarily hide DreaMule, useful to users at work)
· Completely in your language;
· Advanced Maella bandwitch control;
· NAFC (feedback network control);
· Improved upload control;
· Extreme credits system;
· PowerRelease - for fast release;
· Anti-Leecher, no more leechers that download only and harm the web!
Last updated on April 18th, 2008
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