DSHub Kappa RC1

DSHub is a hubsoft for Direct Connect Network.

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What's new in DSHub Kappa RC1:

  • added startup command line option -nogui that starts dshub with no gui;
  • grouped the commands from the accounts editing page;
  • gui X button now closes again;
  • fixed bug when some disconnecting messages were lost;
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 37
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
DSHub is a hubsoft for Direct Connect Network. DSHub project uses the ADC protocol currently in development by Jacek Sieka and DC DEV. ADC is the future of DC++ network.

How can I use DSHub ?

You can download DSHub from this site and just use it. DSHub is free and every user can take it for himself. You can also redistribute it and you can modify it ( substantially only) under the terms of GNU General Public License. Right click here to download . DSHub comes in zip archive.
DShub is now Open Source and source for current binaries is available here.

How do I install DSHub ?

DSHub is a software created in Java Language developed by Sun. For it to run you need JRE installed. [ That is, Java Runtime Environment]. JRE can be found on http://java.sun.com/ . DSHub requires the least JRE version to run properly. After that just create a folder for your hub and paste the DSHub.jar file downloaded from this site in there.

How do I use DSHub ?

Either you read manual, or after you got your DSHub installed, you can run it from command line by using the command:
path_to_java_exe -jar path_to_DSHub.jar

Linux Example:

java -jar /home/user/myhub/dshub.jar

Last updated on October 9th, 2008


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