Coherence 0.6.6

A set of UPnP/DLNA devices, like MediaRenderer and MediaServer.

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MIT/X Consortium License 
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Frank Scholz
ROOT \ Communications \ Filesharing
Coherence is a set of UPnP/DLNA devices, like MediaRenderer and MediaServer.

Coherence addresses different needs:

For Users

As a stand-alone application Coherence acts as a DLNA/UPnP MediaServer and exports local and remote media files via its backends to other UPnP clients.

And together with GStreamer or Rhythmbox it forms a controllable DLNA/UPnP MediaRenderer.

It is known to work on various Linux flavors, BSD and Windows.

For Application Developers

Developers get a framework written in Python, with an emerging DBus API, enabling their application to participate in digital living networks, at the moment primarily the UPnP universe.

Its objective and demand is to relieve your application from all the membership/the UPnP related tasks as much as possible.

The core of Coherence provides a (hopefully complete) implementation of

- a SSDP server,
- a MSEARCH client,
- server and client for HTTP/SOAP requests, and
- server and client for Event Subscription and Notification (GENA).

UPnP device implementations can be grouped around the core - in such a way that we can pick for instance the MediaServer device and plug it into the core. Or attach the MediaRenderer device. Or attach both, or two MediaServers and a ControlPoint - this is the point where one of Coherences' particular features kicks in.

This probably makes more sense if we look at how UPnP devices are implemented within Coherence.

On one side of the device we have the connectors to the core, but on the other side there is a dock for a backend to be plugged in. So a device implementation is most of the time merely some sort of a translation map between the the core and its backend.

As an example, a MediaServer connects to the core via the ContentDirectory and ConnectionManager services and bridges them plain and simple to a filesystem backend. Or bridges them - let's say - to a less skimpy one, the MediaStore? of a MediaCenter exposing its content in a way already presorted by album, artist, genre,...etc.

Supported Devices

Here is a list of devices which have been reported to work with Coherence. Please keep us informed about your devices.

- PlayStation 3 (Firmware 2.10) using Coherence 0.5.0
- TV Acer AT MGW 3705 using Coherence 0.5.2
- Nokia N800

Last updated on December 20th, 2009


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