Buttress 0.5.1

Buttress is a broadcatching program to automatically download and run .torrent files from RSS feeds, without user input.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Buttress Team
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Buttress is a broadcatching program to automatically download and run .torrent files from RSS feeds, without user input.

Periodically, Buttress checks the RSS feeds it has listed for new items (i.e. new items that have been released since the last time it updated). It then checks those new items against the filters entered by the user. If there is a match (i.e. if a word from a filter appears in the title of the new item), Buttress downloads the torrent and begins the client, passing it the torrent file to start the download.

Adding feeds

Feeds (or RSS feeds to be more precise) are what Buttress uses to check what torrents appear on a website. If a torrent hosting website you use has an RSS feed, you can use Buttress to automatically download files that interest you.

Adding feeds for Buttress to check is simple. Simply right click in the Feeds box and select "Add Feed" or click on the "Items" menu and go to "Add Feed". A prompt will appear asking you to enter the URL of the feed you wish Buttress to check. Type (or paste) the URL in and then click OK. The new feed will appear in the left half of the main window.

It is important to make sure that you are linking to an RSS feed (otherwise nothing can be downloaded from the website that you give Buttress). RSS feeds are XML documents and usually look something like this. If you are unsure of whether a page is an RSS feed or not, post in our forum with a link and we'll help you out. It's not that hard anyway

Editing/Removing feeds

Simply highlight the feed you want to edit/remove by clicking on it, then right click or go to the "Items" menu. Selecting "Edit Feed" will bring up a prompt where you can edit the feed URL. Selecting "Remove Feed" will delete the feed.

Showing feeds

To view the actual feed itself, merely select it and right click it, and finally choose "Show Feed," then your default browser will open to the chosen RSS feed.

Adding Filters

Filters are used to test if new items on RSS feeds should be downloaded. When Buttress connects to a feed, it checks whether any of the new items in that feed contain any of the filters. If they do, Buttress gets the torrent and begins the download.

To add a filter, right click in the Filters box and select "Add Filter" or go to the "Items" menu and click "Add Filter". A prompt will appear; enter a word that you want feeds checked for. For example, if we want Buttress to download anything with the word "foobar" in it, we'd enter foobar.

Click "OK". The filter will now appear in the right half of the main window.

Now, when Buttress finds new items on a feed, it will search for items with "foobar" in the title (or whatever word you actually typed) and if there are any matches, it will begin downloading them.

Buttress checks for matches in the title of an item in an RSS feed - this is the part that appears between the tags. The matching is case insensitive (i.e. FOO matches foo).

Currently, Buttress only supports filters of one word, though it does support regular expressions. Regular expression help can be found here.

Editing/Removing Filters

Highlight the filter you wish to edit/remove by clicking on it. Then, right click and click "Edit Filter" or go to the "Items" menu and select "Edit Filter" if you wish to change a filter or Remove to delete it entirely.

Saving Filters and Feeds

Upon closing, Buttress will ask you if you wish to save the feeds and filters - if you click Yes, all will be saved; if you click No the feeds and filters you have added since last starting Buttress will be lost. You can also choose to save from the File menu, by clicking "Save Feeds."

Updating client/Buttress paths

If you wish to change your Bit Torrent client or you move your Buttress folder, update the paths in the config tab as described in the "Setting Up" section. Easy!

Changing the time between RSS updates

In the config tab is a field marked "Delay Between Updates." This is in minutes and is initially set to 10. This means that every 10 minutes, Buttress will connect to the RSS feeds and check for new items on the feeds.

If this is too often for your liking, simply enter a new number in the field and press the "Set Delay" button to the right of it. NOTE: This can not be set below 10 minutes.

Starting your BitTorrent Client Automatically

By checking the "Auto Start BitTorrent" checkbox, Buttress will start your BitTorrent client automatically when it finds interesting feeds so that the files can be downloaded automatically. If the box is left unchecked, the torrents will be downloaded but the client not started... You'll have to start the torrents yourself later.

Running Buttress

You'll need to run Buttress from the .jar file. Assuming you have Java installed and the right things in your environment variables, this can be done at a command line with the command:
java -jar Buttress.jar

You can create a shell script to do this for you. By placing or linking to that script in a directory in your environment variable, you can run it with a simple


You can also create a shortcut on your desktop to peform this if you wish.

Last updated on December 30th, 2007

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