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A free and cross-platform software that offers secure and unlimited file syncing

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BitTorrent Sync is a closed-source command-line application that provides users with an easy way to share and sync certain files from their computer to any other machine in the world that has this piece of software installed.

With this free application, which has been created by the same company that developed the highly acclaimed BitTorrent torrent downloader software, your data finally belongs to you. It does not rely on expensive cloud or postal services.

It is a simple file-syncing solution that does not require users to upload file to a specific cloud server in order to share them with their co-workers, friends and family. All of their data stays on their devices.

Curios to see who BitTorrent Sync actually works?

Well, you create a folder that contains the files you want to sync/share and start the BitTorrent Sync client on your computer. Anyone will be able to access the files from any other computer or mobile device that has the BitTorrent Sync client installed.

The catch is that the computer where the BitTorrent Sync client is installed needs to be opened and connected to the Internet at all times, otherwise no one will be able to view your files on their devices.

Supported operating systems

BitTorrent Sync is a cross-platform application that supports Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It’s also available on the Android and iOS app stores.

Only a command-line tool

Unfortunately, the Linux version of the application is only usable via a terminal emulator (a.k.a. the Linux shell), which can be pretty hard for novices to use it to sync files across multiple devices. In addition, there’s no official documentation for the Linux client of BitTorrent Sync.

We will be happy to give this application a five star rating if the developers will implement a graphical user interface for it, just like the Mac and Windows versions have.

BitTorrent Sync was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 26th, 2015
BitTorrent Sync - The help message of the BitTorrent Sync client for Linux, as viewed from the Linux TerminalBitTorrent Sync - The web-based interface of the BitTorrent Sync software

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