vSQLmail 0.1

vSQLmail provides software which links MySQL and vpopmail.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Gregoire Compagnon
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
vSQLmail provides software which links MySQL and vpopmail.

vSQLmail links MySQL and vpopmail. It's useful if you don't have MySQL support in your vpopmail.

You can easily use it in PHP. It can add domains, users, and aliases, with reloading by a socket connection.

This software allow you to use mysql for create vpopmail accounts. It's an avantage for people who don't use the mysql support of vpopmail, and who don't want migrate.

vSQLmail verify MySQL tables sometime, and it open a socket, where you can connect you with php and other, for force reload.


1 - Warning
This program is in alpha pre-version. That seem you DON'T use it in production. Lot of things will be change in the future (looks the temporary TODO list)

2 - Installation
The installation is little bit hard. I don't use a configure script, and no config file.
Send me a mail to vsqlmail@obeone.org after your installation :)

2.1 - Configuration
Edit config.h, and change value for you
Don't forget to block the port of vSQLmail with iptables for all other ip which isn't util.

2.2 - Makefile
How you can look, there is a -I/usr/include/mysql. If you're mysql .h file isn't here, change this.

2.3 - Compilation
The must difficulte thing ! Type 'make' :P
You may have a warning for phtread_create, don't pay attention for :)

2.4 - MySQL
You've file named tables.sql. For add this to your mysql, use phpMyAdmin, or type 'mysql -u -p < tables.sql' (change user and db by your own info).

Last updated on April 13th, 2007

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