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travmail project is an imap webmail client which requires php but does not use the imap routines available in php.
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travmail project is an imap webmail client which requires php but does not use the imap routines available in php.

I've just made some rpm files available which have relocation enabled in case you want to install into a path other than the default /var/www/html using the 'rpm --install --prefix /var/htdocs travmail-version.rpm' command line.

Please email bug reports to my email address below. If there is enough
interest I'll set up a mailing list.

Apologies for the lame name.. please suggest a better one.

Have a look at config.php and modify it for your site's settings.

As travmail uses css for styling it is very customisable (the only places where it isn't used is due to IE bugs).

There are a few different icon themes as the icon layout/format follows the naming convention of the kde icon sets so you can just untar an icon set then change the icons symlink in the styles/kde-look subdir and provided all the necessary icons are there you have a new theme. There are quite a few icon themes provided but for more visit

Don't use the filtering code that is in there .. I don't like it and you
probably wont either. It's in no way user friendly and not as powerful
as the procmail level of filtering I've been used to and want.

Credit belongs with Trent Hornibrook for major features and suggestions
he has provided along the way. And thanks to 'purple' (my gf) for
all the testing. Apologies if I've missed anyone, email me and I'll give you your due credit.

This webmail client is inspired by all and sundry email clients.

The subdirectories reflect the open source packages travmail relies upon.
International character support is via some files from squirrelmail and
htmlarea is for the html editing .. the html to plain text is from the
phphtmlparser package.

Why another webmail client?

Complicated answer.. another project of mine is an oracle rac based (I
started it before open source databases were viable alternatives) imap/pop
data store for email and I was having trouble getting all the debug information
I needed to ensure that my implementation was correct (it still isn't .. when
it is usable I'll release it as well .. I've been using it for a few years now
but it still has some pretty lame bugs .. the goal is for redundancy and to
only store any mime part once). For this reason and just for general
debugability (probably at the expense of quite a bit of performance) you'll
find that there is a _lot_ of debug options you can turn on in

Load Testing

When load testing remember to use the script to strip out the debug code which
is not needed for production use.

Main features:

  • compose allows unlimited attachments
  • filters
  • attachment indication
  • message highlight on message selection
  • range selection for message selection
  • drag for message selection (checkboxes)
  • is backwards compatible with the current production web mail (providing easy backout)
  • would not require retraining for users due to interface changes if put into production for staff/students
  • quick subject or address search
  • open source
  • used gzip compression for speed over low speed connections (ie. dialup)
  • change message read/unread status
  • prev and next buttons
  • non frames view
  • frames view
  • safe mail viewing
  • feedback/complaint integration
  • help/how to
  • database integration utilises pear so any php supported database can be used
  • obeys the imap server attachment mime type information
  • uses bodystructure for mime parsing (as per imap rfc)
  • user options
  • user option for default view
  • people i know view
  • unread view
  • threaded view
  • threaded unread
  • conversation view
  • conversation's unread view
  • view multiple messages (useful for printing)
  • spam detection (filtering) integration with spamassassin spam flagging facility
  • spell checking
  • uses faster more efficient native php implementation of imap protocol
  • does not use php imap c-client functions
  • address book autocomplete
  • style sheet based for look and feel
  • css based
  • warning when leaving compose without sending
  • drafts
  • html composition
  • authentication without sessions
  • nice imap failover

last updated on:
March 9th, 2007, 17:40 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Travis Freeland
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
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