tmboxbrowser 0.3

tmboxbrowser is a mbox browser that lets you read your e-mails with Vim.
tmboxbrowser is a mbox browser that lets you read your e-mails with Vim.

mbox is a widely used format to store e-mails. Thunderbird uses it too.

Here are some key features of "tmboxbrowser":

Show an index of e-mails contained in a mbox file
Mark e-mails as read and don't show them again in the index
View e-mails
display single parts of a multipart message
decode quoted printables
filter html mails through an external program; in the default setup, this requires "w3m" (g:tmboxbrowser_convert_html)

:TMBoxBrowser[!] [FILE]
Open a index list with the e-mails in the currently opened mbox.
With [!], read items are displayed too. In this mode, no e-mails are
marked as read.
If [FILE] is given, the file is (newly) edited.
I.e. if you open a mbox, mark all items as read and then want to
browse the file again, you'll have to type>

:TMBoxBrowser! %

Alternatively, press < c-t > in the list view to show/hide read mails.


Show a list of mbox files (as defined in g:tmboxbrowser_path).
Open a mbox & call :TMBoxBrowser.

Key maps
These are effective in the __MBOX_Browser__ window:

i ... Display the index list (in gvim, you can also use )
p ... Select parts or re-view mail
q ... Quit the browser
? ... Help
... Page down
... Page up



last updated on:
April 24th, 2008, 14:33 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Thomas Link
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
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