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A qmail queue manipulation program





qmqtool is a qmail queue manipulation software geared towards the viewing and safe modification of the contents in a qmail queue.

qmqtool may be copied and distributed under the terms found in the Perl "Artistic License". A copy of this license may be found in the standard Perl distribution, or in the file "Artistic".

qmqtool was designed with Michele Beltrame's "qmHandle" in mind, however no source code from qmHandle was used within qmqtool.

qmqtool is significantly faster than qmHandle 1.2.0 on my system, even though it has more work to do (such as examining the todo queue):

> time qmqtool -s
Messages in local queue: 0
Messages in remote queue: 0
Messages in todo queue: 0

real 0m0.777s
user 0m0.650s
sys 0m0.110s
> time qmHandle -s
Messages in local queue: 0
Messages in remote queue: 0

real 0m3.746s
user 0m3.110s
sys 0m0.360s


This program makes use of several shell utilities, such as "ps" and "grep". Please ensure the syntax to these utilities are correct for your operating system (i.e. ps -ef vs ps auxc). Also note that GNU's grep is much faster than Solaris's grep, so you should consider telling qmqtool to use it, as your searches (with -f) will be about five times faster. GNU grep can also use a pipe as a logical OR (i.e. qmqtool -f 'this|that').

qmqtool supports many arguments, each which must be used separately unless specifically allowed. All syntax is described with qmqtool -h.
Last updated on January 25th, 2009

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