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A Webmail and data hosting application




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phlyMail project is a Webmail and data hosting application.

Anyplace, anytime

Access your email and contacts virtually everywhere, where you have a browser and an internet connection at hand.

No extensive configuration of a foreign email programme, no need to take your laptop everywhere just to read your emails. Be it in an internet caf´┐Ż, at work or in the office of your customer - all you need's a browser and some internet connection.

Optionally you can leave a copy of your mails on the POP3 servers and later download them to your local email programme as well.

Keep track of it all

Through the convenient folder management capabilities of phlyMail you can easily organise your emails into a structure you desire. Use the simple yet strong filtering rules to sort mails into own folders on receipt or delete unwanted ones immediately.

You are used to this ease of use from your desktop email client - why miss it in the web? Just choose phlyMail.

You can easily and fast e.g. copy, move, delete or forward emails via a right-click context menu.

One for all

Share one installation with up to ten users. By installing and configuring just one copy of phlyMail up to ten of your co-workers, staff, friends or family memebers can enjoy the comfortable access to their emails and contacts. The provided configuration interface makes administration a mere child's play.


- 5.x from version 5.0.0
- There's no support for the outdated PHP versions 3 and 4
- register_globals=Off
- safe_mode = "0" 1)
- open_basedir = NULL 1)
- Session management active und configured correctly
- Extensions iconv or mbstring are installed and configured (optional)
- c-client (IMAP) extension is installed and configured (only for IMAP)
- IMAP-SSL (optional, for using TLS with IMAP)
- zlib extension (optional, for the AutoUpdate service)
- OpenSSL extension (optional, for using sPOP3 and sSMTP)
- Webserver capable of running PHP scripts (e.g. Apache)
- MySQL as of 3.23.xx
- Sendmail or SMTP (Recommended: SMTP)
- Linux or other UN*X like OS, Windows only in conjunction with Apache as web server
- Correctly set: Access permissions, Owner, Group 2)
- Communication with ports 110 3) (POP3), 25 3) (SMTP) and 80 (HTTP) is possible
- A way to run CronJobs or Deamons (optional) 4)

Free Trial

If you are not sure, wether phlyMail Community will run on your server, just download phlyMail Lite and try it out.
Last updated on December 20th, 2011

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