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Listens for incoming mail and forwards it to notifo




notifo-imap-listener is a tool that listens for incoming mail and forwards it to notifo.


Please note that during development some options may not actually do anything.

- Create an email that will be the listener
- Copy config.ini.sample to config.ini and edit with connection info
- test with ./
- if no errors use ctrl-c and then start with ./ --quiet &
- test it by sending an email to the address and it should show up on phone within a second or two.
- to properly kill use either ctrl-c if interactive or send SIGINT to process kill -INT 123 where 123 is process id

Config.ini Options

- mail.ssl is if the client should connect to the server via SSL (highly recommended).
- notifo.username is your api username which is usually the same as your actual username
- notifo.secret is your api secret which you can get from logging in to notifo and click on settings.
- notifo.label will prefix the subject of the message.
- security.from if set to something other than None, will require messages to come from the specified email. All others will be silently dropped
- logging.file is the file to log to. If you don't want to log to a file use /dev/null
- logging.level one of debug, info, warning, error, or critical. Used for log file. To turn off pretty much all logging set this to critical.

Initial Goals

- constantly listens for new mail to relay the message as quick as possible
- single user for now
- basic user validation (must come from an authorized email address)
Last updated on February 15th, 2012

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