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lollipop is a POP3 server that is almost RFC 1939 compliant.




lollipop is a POP3 server that is almost RFC 1939 compliant. lollipop main goal is speed, since it is designed for users who store very large numbers of messages (>4000) on the server. It only supports the maildir storage format.

This is an almost rfc1939 compliant POP3 server. The main goal of this program is the speed, especially if you have many mails in your maildir (>4000) and you want to store your mails on the server.

I created this program to provide a solution for my problem. I have a small server in my house and this collects my emails from my addresses (fetchmail, exim local delivery). I have a very good backup system for this machine, powered by dirvish. I have two desktops and a laptop computers. I want to store all of my emails (over 6000) on the server in maildir - mainly because this is an archived machine.

I tried to use IMAP, but unfortunately I found it slow even on fast ethernet LAN. I switched to POP3 with leave on server option but the statistic step was very-very slow. On my laptop I got timeouts before the statistic step done so it's impossible to use this method on this slow machine.

Finally I decided to write a special POP3 server for this task. Poppy has memory and it reports as new mail only the new mails after the last download for that location. It's supports only maildir because for this solution, the mailbox isn't optimal. Your maildir must be in ~/.maildir if you use maildir with other name, create a link to it.

Configure: change the LAN address to your LAN (for example in the beginning of the script.
Usage: just start it in the background. (./ &) and make sure not using another pop3 server.

What's New in This Release:

CAPA in AUTH state was fixed.
Last updated on December 20th, 2005

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