deepOfix Messaging Server 3.2

deepOfix Messaging Server is a popular GNU/Linux server operating system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 17
Abhas Abhinav
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
deepOfix Messaging Server is a popular GNU/Linux server operating system. Delivering more than 35 new features and unprecedented ease of use, deepOfix is a Free Software product and is backed by a multi-tier support system.

deepOfix makes it extremely easy to manage the server. We ensure that a lack of prior GNU/Linux server administration experience is not a problem at all. The EasyPush Server Manager (our server management system) simplifies day-to-day server administration and monitoring tasks. EasyPush allows a server admin to build up upon their knowledge of server administration and learn more about GNU/Linux.

deepOfix is one of the first (and few) GNU/Linux operating systems that ship with built-in and pre-integrated support for LDAP. LDAP support in deepOfix goes beyond installation - in deepOfix LDAP is not just installed, but also configured as the default store for user account data and password information. LDAP support not only enables deepOfix to be highly scalable, but also ensure a large group of features that would otherwise have been impossible.

Superior account management is one of the most important features of deepOfix:
How else would you modify the mailbox quotas and passwords of 250 users at the same time?

How else would you query the server to see which users haven't changed their passwords in the recent past (or are supposed to change them in a few days). Similarly, how else would you effectively and effortlessly remind users to change their passwords reguarly and enforce some sort of password policy server-wide?
How effortlessly can you copy all emails of a user being deleted to another?

The EasyPush Server Manager lets you do this (and more) all this in just a few seconds!

deepOfix allows you to have greater control with on how your mail sending and delivery (SMTP) services work. Additionally, it provides you with out-of-the-box POP3 and IMAP services to access your mailbox.

deepOfix ships with a full-featured SMTP server - now you can authenticate users when they send emails to others, discard email addressed to non-existant users or with non-existant local senders and reject messages based on the number of recipients or the size of the message... and so much more.

POP3 and IMAP services let users access their mailboxes through standards-based email clients along with facilities to lock users out of their mailboxes when required.

Web-based email is here to stay! It lets you access your mailbox from just about anywhere on the Internet and your local network:

-Provide users access to their email using just a browser on any public computer
-Provide users the facility to change their own passwords and configure their own vacation replies
-Get access to your mailbox (complete with all your folders) outside your network as well

Spam, unwanted junk emails and email-borne viruses affect just about everyone now! Here is how deepOfix frees you from having to bother about spam and virus:

-deepOfix does not require you to do anything extra to filter emails for spam or virus!
-The ClamAV anti-virus system ensures virus free mailboxes for users - even anti-virus signature updates are automated!
-The SpamAssassin-based anti-spam system ensures that you can control incoming spam. The server ships pre-configured with secure defaults that can be further optimised using our EasyPush Server Manager
-.. and best of all, our continued research and development ensures that your spam control system remains updated and capable enough to handle new and upcoming spam threats as well.

What's New in This Release:

ยท This version covers a more organized OS installer code base, a new EasyPush home page that keeps you updated of developer-level happenings, a new tool to search email deliveries, complete mail system performance graphs, a pre-integrated Dovecot IMAP/POP3 server for better IMAP performance on large mailboxes, advice on password strength, and more robust and updated operating system packages.

Last updated on August 17th, 2007

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