blueMail 1.3

blueMail is a multi-format offline mail reader for Unix, DOS, Win32, and other systems.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Ingo Brueckl
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blueMail is a multi-format offline mail reader for Unix, DOS, Win32, and other systems.

It supports the Blue Wave, QWK, QWKE, SOUP, OMEN and Hippo packet formats, the Hudson and BBBS Message Bases, Unix mail, Eudora and is designed to be a reasonable alternative to the Blue Wave mail reader. It works in full screen, the text interface is coloured and uses ncurses library.

blueMail is free, "open source" software, provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, distributed under the GNU General Public License. Its current maintainer is Ingo Brueckl and will not accept liability resulting from your use or inability to use blueMail.

Here are some key features of "blueMail":

· Unix-compatible (POSIX) system, DOS with DJGPP, Windows with MinGW or Cygwin, or OS/2 with EMX
· curses -- tested with ncurses 1.9.3+, PDCurses 2.2+ (2.6+ recommended)
· gcc (g++) 2.7.0+ -- may work with other C++ compilers, not tested
· InfoZip, and/or other compressing archivers
· GNU make *may* be required on some systems
· PMODE/DJ (by Thomas Pytel & Matthias Grimrath) and UPX (by Markus
· Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar) are recommended (and used) for the DOS binaries

What's New in This Release:

· More UTF-8 decoding support: unicode euro sign.
· More WINDOWS-1252 as ISO 8859-1 support: apostrophe-like characters, dash.
· Fixed bug with timezone offset.
· Compiles with recent version of PDCurses without demanding the patch for option WITH_CLOCK.
· Windows port compiles with MinGW, too.
· New option: ReplyExtension (user definable string).

Last updated on June 8th, 2006

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