Z1 SecureMail Messenger 2.10

An optional extension for Z1 SecureMail Gateway
Z1 SecureMail Messenger is an optional extension for Z1 SecureMail Gateway. The project requires no PKI technology or certificates in order to enable confidential messages to be sent encrypted over the Internet to external partners.

Instead of using e-mail the message is exchanged over a web server via SSL encrypted HTTPS. Z1 SecureMail Messenger is made up of two components - Z1 SecureMail Messenger Connector and a web mailer solution.

The innovative, simple solution: "Virtual mailroom for e-mail" is available as:
· Ready to Run Appliance
· SW-Solution for SuSE & Red Hat Linux
· SUN Solaris

Standard functions:
· E-mail encryptions
· Electronic signature for e-mail

Product extensions (optional):
· AntiSPAM + AntiVirus
· Z1 SecureMail Messenger
· SSL push/pull Web-Delivery with password
· E-mail encryption with password
· Z1 AutoCA
· Hardware Security Module

Project based extensions
· Mass signatures ("certified" according to SigG)
· Time stamping (conforms to RFC3161)
· ERP and HR integration
· PKI/CA (realisation and connection) revision secure logging
· � more on request

The following scenarios show when Z1 SecureMail Messenger is used:
· an internal user sends an e-mail to an external recipient and instructs Z1 SecureMail Gateway in the subject (e.g. #crypt) to encrypt it.
· the organisation�s security policy indicates that all e-mail sent externally is only allowed to be sent encrypted.

last updated on:
July 1st, 2011, 7:47 GMT
license type:
Other/Proprietary License with Free Tr...
developed by:
Zertificon Solutions GmbH
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Z1 SecureMail Messenger

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