XLassie 1.8

XLassie is a replacement for the traditional X mail notification tool, XBiff.
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XLassie is an enhanced version of XBiff. Support for POP3 or IMAP mailservers, ability to run a command when clicked on, written in straight xlib so memory usage is less, and it doesn't just tell you if you have new mail, but how many new messages you have. Extra support for both KDE and WindowMaker.

Main features:

  • Counts the number of new messages you have
  • Can query remote mail on a POP3 server or on an IMAP server
  • Can count local mail with an mbox or a maildir style spool
  • Uses less memory than XBiff, and just about every other X mail checker
  • Can run a command when clicked on, and/or when new mail arrives
  • Supports both the KDE and the WindowMaker applet protocols, in addition to running as a standard X application
  • Support for qmail style maildir systems. Should work automatically if you have maildir setup properly. Or point xlassie to a directory instead of a file, and it will keep track of the number of files in it. Thanks to Pitt Murmann for inspiration.
  • Backup font selection system. XLassie will try a list of builtin font names if it can't find the default font.

last updated on:
June 8th, 2006, 21:39 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Trent Piepho
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
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