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WMSMAIL is a program to check your e-mail accounts and displays their status.




WMSMAIL is a program to check your e-mail accounts and displays their status. You can check up to 32 e-mail accounts of the following types: POP3, IMAP, NNTP, MBOX, MAILDIR and MH.

Furthermore you can select different authentication types and connection types for better security. Passwords for remote mailboxes will be stored to an encrypted passwordfile.

The main intention writting this windowmaker applet was to write a secure e-mail monitor. Therefor i used the mail library "libetpan", which offeres a lot of mail functions, mailbox types, different authentication and connection types. For password handling, i choosed the application "pwsafe", which has been modified to a class to get direct access to all necessary functions.

Since all windowmaker applets (as far i know) use gtk for dialogs, i also tried to use gtk in this applet. (But honestly spoken, i prefare QT, i think it is easier to handle and you find more information.

It was hard to find some major pages offering all important stuff. At the end i noticed, gtk1.2 is already obsoleted but it is even more difficult to find programming-information to the newer gtk I do NOT want to raise a diskussion up in here, make you mad, hurt anyones feelings - this is just my personal opinion - every body should use it's preferred language and libraries.
Last updated on November 16th, 2006

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