Vacation 1.1.8

Vacation is a mail auto-responder (for when you are on vacation and such), written in Perl.

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ROOT \ Communications \ Email
Vacation is a mail auto-responder (for when you are on vacation and such), written in Perl.

Vacation is loosely based on the vacation program by Larry Wall and Tom Christiansen.

I decided to write a new vacation clone since I could not find a version that would work reliably under Red Hat Linux 6.0. I finally found the old Perl version by Larry Wall and Tom Christiansen -- it was the most full-featured, and it almost worked. So, I decided to rewrite it. You may find the original version as "vacation.orig" in this distribution.

Since then, several others have released similar implementations and updates to vacation. While there is no longer a gap to fill, this version still provides a few unique features, flexibility, and portability.

You may also find a simpler auto-responder script in this distribution called This precursor to vacation may be more appropriate at the system level (e.g., called from the aliases file) as compared to vacation which is designed for individual users.

What's New in This Release:

Added a Vacation tag to From: addresses
Added a routine to properly generate date headers (long overdue!) Thanks to Milivoj Ivkovic for the example
Added a flag to only respond to specified senders Thanks to Jeff Chan for the feature request
Improved parsing of From: addresses Thanks to Mark Haidl
Added $RECIPIENT and $SENDER tokens Thanks to Wayne Fathers for the feature request

Last updated on December 20th, 2005

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