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A Thunderbird plugin that allows users to import Outlook PST files in the Mozilla product

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Thunderbird PST Import plugin is the most downloaded add-on for the Thunderbird email and news client developed by Mozilla, the company behind the widely used Mozilla Firefox web browser.

It was created to help Linux users to migrate their Outlook PST (Personal Storage Folders) from the commercial Microsoft Windows operating system to the open source Linux ecosystem. All you had to do is to select which email folder to import, after you have previously exported them from Outlook.

How does it work?

The add-on was designed with support for multiple operating systems, allowing both Linux and Windows users to migrate from the Microsoft Outlook software to the open source Mozilla Thunderbird program.

It worked by using a command-line program called readpst, which provided a collection of utilities for converting Outlook .pst files to other formats. It was also used to convert email messages to the MH (Message Handling) and mbox mailbox formats.

The readpst project also contains a small tool, called pst2ldif, for converting contacts from the Outlook format to the .ldif one, allowing users to import them into LDAP databases, as well as pst2dii, a tool for converting email messages to the DII load file format, so you can import them in the Summation software.

It is no longer supported by recent versions of Mozilla Thunderbird

Unfortunately, the Thunderbird PST Import plugin is no longer supported on current versions of the Mozilla Thunderbird application, especially because it is based on a deprecated version of the readpst software.

While it is true that you can install and use this add-on to import Outlook PST in older versions of the Mozilla Thunderbird software, it is better to download the ImportExportTools add-on and the PST Converter Pro software, which works on Linux through the Wine application.

Detailed installation instructions and an in-depth tutorial about how to import Microsoft Outlook (PST) data files to Mozilla Thunderbird will be provided by Softpedia sometime in the near future.

Thunderbird PST Import plugin was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on November 22nd, 2014

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