Taylor UUCP 1.07

Taylor UUCP project is a Unix UUCP package.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Ian Lance Taylor
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
Taylor UUCP project is a Unix UUCP package.

Taylor UUCP provides everything you need to make a UUCP connection.

It includes versions of uucico, uusched, uuxqt, uux, uucp, uustat, uulog, uuname, uuto, uupick, and cu, as well as uuchk (a program to check configuration files), uuconv (a program to convert from one type of configuration file to another), and tstuu (a test harness for the package).

The package currently supports the f, g (in all window and packet sizes), G, t and e protocols, as well a Zmodem protocol and two new bidirectional protocols.

If you have a Berkeley sockets library, it can make TCP connections. If you have TLI libraries, it can make TLI connections. It supports a new configuration file mechanism which I like (but other people dislike).

Here are some key features of "Taylor UUCP":

You get the source code.
It uses significantly less CPU time than many UUCP packages.
You can specify a chat script to run when a system calls in, allowing adjustment of modem parameters on a per system basis.
You can specify failure strings for chat scripts, allowing the chat script to fail immediately if the modem returns BUSY.
If you are talking to another instance of the package, you can use the new bidirectional protocol for rapid data transfer in both directions at once. You can also restrict file transfers by size based on the time of day and who placed the call.
It only runs on Unix. The code is carefully divided into system dependent and system independent portions, so it should be possible to port it to other systems. It would not be trivial.
You don't get uuclean, uusend, uuq, uusnap, uumonitor, uutry, uupoll, etc. If you have current copies of these programs, you may be able to use them. Shell scripts versions of uuclean and uutry are provided, with most, if not all, of the functionality of the usual programs. I believe the supplied uustat program allows you to do everything that uuq, uusnap and uumonitor do. uupoll could be written as a shell script.
The package does not read modemcap or acucap files, although you can use V2 configuration files with a BNU Dialers file or a dialer file written in my new configuration file format.
The package cannot use SCO dialer programs directly, although it can with a simple shell script interface.

What's New in This Release:

As usual, many bugs were fixed.
uuchk now reports the configuration file names which it uses.
This makes it easier to figure out how to configure a binary installation.
Certain options which could previously be set in Makefile.in are now set as options to configure: --with-user, --with-newconfigdir, --with-oldconfigdir.
You can now use file names and notification addresses which contain spaces, but only when talking to another instance of version 1.07.
The exit status of uux now uses values from .
TCP ports now support IPv6 on modern systems. A new ``version'' command in the port file may be used to restrict a TCP port to just IPv4 or just IPv6.
M and m may now be used in any chat script, not just a dialer chat script.
Added ``max-file-time'' command to sys file.
When uucico automatically invokes uuxqt, it no longer passes the -s option.

Last updated on February 28th, 2007

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