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A sophisticated mailing list manager
SubEtha Mail
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SubEtha is a sophisticated mailing list manager, similar in many respects to the popular Mailman package. SubEtha is a three-tiered J2EE application using EJB3 and JMS. It is stable and self-hosting.

Main features:

  • Very easy installation on Windows and Unix platforms
  • A user-friendly web interface for all configuration management
  • Virtual domains (ie and are separate lists)
  • Users can have multiple email addresses and self-moderate messages from unknown addresses.
  • Intelligent attachment handling; attachments can be removed from delivered mail and replaced with a download link to the archives.
  • Pluggable, configurable message processing filters which can arbitrarily modify the inbound and outbound message streams. Example filters include attachment stripping, header munging, spam detection, and insertion of advertising.
  • Per-list role-based permissions.
  • One-step creation of basic list types (ie "Announce-Only List" or "Technical Support List"). The set of available types is pluggable.
  • Searchable, threaded archives
  • Users can reply to messages from the archives. They can click on a button and have the message resent to them normally.
  • Intelligent VERP bounce processing
  • Clusterable for nearly unlimited scalability
  • Easy integration with any mail transport agent (MTA)
  • EJB and SOAP interfaces for automation
  • International characters in emails are properly passed through the system and rendered in the web interface
  • RESTful, bookmarkable URLs
  • A modular SMTP library that can be used outside SubEtha

last updated on:
June 5th, 2009, 18:21 GMT
developed by:
SubEtha Mail Team
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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SubEtha Mail
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3 Screenshots
SubEtha MailSubEtha Mail
What's New in This Release:
  • Added fallback smtp host for a new integration option
  • Site admins can change user's names
  • List owners can change subscribed user's names but only if the names are empty
  • Updated libraries (Hibernate, Logging, SubethaSMTP)
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