Solido Smtp Proxy 5.0 build 60.d5

Solido Smtp Proxy allows you to secure your email server behind a firewall, allowing the proxy to talk to the rest of the world.

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What's new in Solido Smtp Proxy 5.0 build 59.d1:

  • This release fixes a couple of minor issues related to the configuration of IPv6 addresses.
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Solido Smtp Proxy allows you to secure your email server behind a firewall, allowing the proxy to talk to the rest of the world for it. This provides added security and better performance for your email server.

In order to receive emails from the rest of the world, you need to let your email server receive connections from any server in the world. This opens up your email server for anything from denial of service attacks to buffer overflow exploits in your email server. The solido email proxy sits between your email server and the Internet. The only configuration it needs is the address and port of your email server, then it proxies all connections through to your server. The fact that it proxies means that you don't need to configure it to know the users and domains you wish to receive mail for, once you have set the address and port of your email server, you might never have to touch the proxy again.

The smtp proxy does more than just pass connections on to your email server. It cleans up the protocol ensuring that any malformed data will be rejected before it reaches your email server, furthermore, denial of service attacks and email harvest attempts can be handled directly in the proxy, which preserves the resources on your email server for imap and pop3 connections to your users. You can even set up grey listing and rbl lists directly in the proxy--saving even more resources on your email server.

Transparent Operation

All you need to configure is the address and port of your target server. Clients connecting to the proxy have no way of detecting that they are talking to a proxy instead of an actual email server.

Added Security

By placing a proxy in front of your email server, you no longer have to open your email server to the world. Instead, you can place it behind a firewall and only allow connections from the proxy.

Lighter Email Load

Let the proxy deal with the outside world to lighten the load on your internal email server. Setup dns based black lists and grey listing on the proxy to further reduce the load that actually hits your server.

Load Balancing

If you are running a cluster of email servers, you can use email proxy as a load balancer that intelligently balances load between your backend servers and automatically proxies to another server if one of your servers stops accepting connections.

Last updated on May 5th, 2009

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