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Smmel's goals are to analyse and visualize email communication based on:

1. data extracted from mailbox files - only files in mbox format are supported, so e.g. MS Outlook mailboxes are doomed :( well, not necessarily
2. logs provided by Sendmail and Postfix - even though only Senmail logs are supported, probably also qmail and other MTA will work fine - it depends on log file format, if sendmail logs have got the same structure as e.g. qmail or any other MTA you want.

So what statistic data can Smmel visualize?

First of all: Smmel is under heavy development, so number of statistics may increase very often (please notice the word "increase" - never decrease.
Down here is a brief list of currently avaliable statistic visualisations (there are 19 of them, list below is really just a brief summarisation of them):

- general information about parsed mailboxes
- word count in email body
- size of email body
- who is sending emails to whom - and how many times
- usage of email clients (MUA) - depending on number of used clients
- usage of email clients (MUA) - depending on type of email client (who uses which email client)
- email balance - for every send email +1 / every received email -1
- SMTP servers on the world map
- information about SMTP servers
- statistics by time (when were emails sent, from/to what addreses,...)
- how fast is response sent ("responsiveness")
- length of conversation thread (total and average)
- information about email forwarding
- sending email attachments
Last updated on February 29th, 2012

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