RoaminSMPP 1.0

RoaminSMPP is a SMPP library written in C#.

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What's new in RoaminSMPP 1.0:

  • License changed to GNU Lesser General Public License, V3. This should make combination with other (older) open source licenses such as the original BSD license possible.
  • Added the remainder of the code to the project; I will no longer be working on this app.
  • I've replaced much of the older code with new (hopefully more useful) code. This new set of namespaces includes both incoming and outgoing functionality for all the PDUs. Note also that this release is GPL only-I have dropped the QPL portion of the license from here on out. I also fixed the dates on this changelog-for some reason I had them a year off.
  • Host of changes. The PDUFactory and several incoming PDUs were changed for compatibility after some testing. Added some documentation tags. Fixed TLVTable so that null tags are simply dropped (i.e. trying to set an optional param to null does nothing). Also added the debug file and xml file to the binary release. Also changed the zip files so that they store relative path info rather than full path info (to those of you who downloaded the early release-sorry about that).
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Chris Bouzek
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RoaminSMPP is a SMPP library written in C#. Intended to be fully SMPP v3.4 compliant and extensible for future versions of the spec.

This software is meant to provide an open source edition of the basic SMPP v3.4 functionality. It includes PDU definitions for all of the PDUs in the spec.

Last updated on October 12th, 2008

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