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PopTray Minus is a Linux clone of original PopTray written in Python/Qt. It lives happily in the system tray area, and:

- checks message headers in my POP3 mailboxes
- applies basic filters based on from/to/subj contents
- allows a sneak peek to preview the message body
- has a very handy delete button to manually remove unwanted messages

PopTray Minus works just fine with GNOME as well as with KDE.

How to use PopTray Minus?

Left click on the tray icon brings up the main window with the message list. Another left click on the icon hides it back.

PopTray Minus does not stop running even when the main window is gone. You have to right click on the icon and select "Quit" in the menu if you really want to quit.

Main window (as well as all other windows) can also be dismissed with Esc key or click on the close icon in the window corner.

When run for the first time, PopTray Minus asks for user/password information (press "+" sign to create account). Later, this information could be changed in "Settings" menu available with a right click on the tray icon.
Last updated on January 27th, 2010
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