Perl Pop3 1.0.1

Perl Pop3 is a POP3 server fully implemented in Perl.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Sergio Camarena
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
Perl Pop3 is a POP3 server fully implemented in Perl.

The advantages over other POP3 servers are that it is not a memory hog, and can be used to connect to databases for authentication.

Also, its code is easy to extend for any other uses, like POP-before-SMTP and extended logging.

Here are some key features of "Perl Pop3":

Does not read the mailbox into memory, it reads what it needs as it processes the mailbox, so it's memory requirements are low.
Most email delivery is just printing out to the client; this is done in a fast and efficient way.
It uses the system's users in the default unix way, but it can be changed to read users off a database (using DBI/DBD). It is prepared to use the database right away and can be extended or configured to use existing systems.
It can be use to solve the smtp authentication via 'popauth' or 'relay-domains' (with sendmail) so users can be permitted to send smtp mail after pop3 authentication. This has been an effective solution for roaming users.
Logging can be extended beyond the use of text files to any other method available in Perl, including database systems.
Also, security is not an issue, as input is strictly controlled.

Using an easily modifiable daemon as part of a e-mail solution can be of great advantage over other existing systems in other languages. Further development will also try to incorporate more easily configurable extensions and plugins, so rapid deployment and extensibility is achieved.


For installation instructions and configuration please see the INSTALL file. For more detailed information, consult the DOC file.

Last updated on September 25th, 2006

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