NS WebMail 0.12.1

NS WebMail is a POP3/SMTP Web mail client.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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NS WebMail
NS WebMail project is a simple set of PERL scripts, it works using module Mail::POP3Client, and allows to send and receive MIME compliant mails.

The whole thing is "secured" using POP3 authentication, ie mail can't be send or retrieved without initial correct authentication.APOP and standard PASS authentication work.

No need of any SQL base and so on. However, better know how PERL and CGIs work ! This allows NSWM to remain simple and light, and not to require an important set of PERL modules.

NSWM now support two kinda security improvments:

- HTTP Auth: just configure your Apache to authenticate user with normal HTTP Auth. Then you
need to use indexauth.pl instead of index.html as a start page, and run NSWM in mod_perl.
It works automatically.
- Cookie stored key: the key used to encrypt the password may be stocked partially in a cookie.
This prevents bad guys from accessing other users inboxes when they used shared computers.
You have to enable this feature in the configwm.pm file, at "cookiedomain": enter your
domain to enable the feature, comment the line out to disable.
Both security features will work over HTTPS.

Supported languages

Modules exists and languages have been tested for:
- English (lang-en.pl module, core module)
- Francais (lang-fr.pl module, dev module)
- Russian (lang-ru.pl module, dev module)
- Hrvatski (lang-hr.pl module, trn module from dpavlin at rot13.org)
- Deutsch (lang-de.pl module, trn module from Tobias.Mueller at stud.uni-hannover.de)
- Norwegian (lang-no.pl module, trn module from erlingp at f00bar.fagmed.uit.no)
- Hungarian (lang-hu* modules, trn module from keve_g at mail.takarek.net)
- Swedish (lang-se.pl, trn module from hm at nool.nu)
- Czech (lang-cz.pl, trn module from svasek at nextra.cz)
- Italian (lang-it.pl, trn module from theos at bp.lnf.it)
- Spanish (lang-spl.pl, trn module from scristi at startlight.com)
- Portuguese (lang-pt.pl, trn module from luiz at pucrs.br)
- Romanian (lang-ro.pl, trn module from chally_ro at yahoo.com)

Anyone translating the langpack in another language is asked to send it us, please !
This way we can improve NSWM.


1- Unzip it:
On performant UNIX (with recent gnu tar), do a tar xvzf nswm-XXXXXX.tar.gz
On Windows, use Winzip or PowerArchiver (http://www.powerarchiver.com)
2- Set up your favorite HTTP server to handle the application.
For Apache:
=> put an Alias section as /nswm for the nswm/html directory
=> put a ScriptAlias section as /nswm/cgi-bin for the nswm/cgi-bin directory
Use the graphic interface to set it up properly. Refer to server documentation.
3- Then you have to edit configwm.pm file and specify your SMTP server ($SMTPserver variable).
Words and paths can be set up in config.pl file.
You can also choose the language.
Nota: configwm.pm template is configwm.pm.dist.
4- PERL Modules to install if not installed:
Don't forget to install them (example with Mail::POP3Client):
=> perl -MCPAN -e install Mail::POP3Client on UNIX (or see at http://www.cpan.org)
or ppm Mail-POP3Client on WNT's ActivePerl (but better see at http://www.activetsate.com)
The following modules/packages are needed:
(yeah, that's a lot, i know. MIME encoding/decoding isn't a simple thing...)
5- Misc install things:
Don't forget to chmod 777 (or, better, chown apache or nobody or www-data) the /var/opt/nswm/log and
/var/opt/nswm/tmp directories if you don't change those locations in the configwm.pm file.

You can do a small cron script to launch bin/nswmcron to enable the automatic cleanup of temp files (This is automatically done by the RPM). Don't forget to change the html/title.htm file....

What's New in This Release:

Several improvements in mail header decoding in the inbox.
Optional ability to report spam to spam software (tested and documented with SpamAssassin).
Full management of the "Urgent header".

Last updated on April 12th, 2007

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