Insight Server 4.3

Insight Server is a Linux-based email server utilizing open source components.

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Bynari, Inc.
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Insight ServerInsight ServerInsight Server
Insight Server is a Linux-based email server utilizing open source components to provide a highly reliable, scalable, and cost effective email solution for customers of all sizes. It's designed to facilitate complete messaging and collaboration capabilities within a company. The server supports all standard protocols, and provides backup and recovery tools, server redundancy, migration tools, and resource management.

Insight Server uses multiple open source e mail server components like Cyrus IMAP, OpenLDAP, Berkeley DB, Postfix, Spamassassin, and ClamAV. These open source products provide stability and open standards to Bynari’s Linux e mail server.

Insight server is a rock-solid e mail server that is designed for small to large number of users. It installs in minutes, and it provides very simple and intuitive management console. Insight Server supports load balance and distributed environments. It also supports redundancy by acting as a failover system for multiple instances of Insight Servers.

Bynari supports variety of Linux operating systems. Insight Server supports major distributions and their latest versions: Red Hat, SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux. To determine if your server hardware is supported, please check with the hardware vendor for support of various versions and distributions of Linux. Depending on the hardware manufacturer, they will support certain versions of Linux distributions, only.

Here are some key features of "Insight Server":

High Availability for LDAP
Thunderbird & Evolution client support
Jabber Instant Messaging integration
Multi-server single domain configuration
Active Directory support
Backup and recovery tool
Migration tool
Distributed and consolidated environments
Multi-level administrator support
Server side filtering rules
Automated Migration tool
Exchange Calendar and Contacts migration added to the existing email migration tool

What's New in This Release:

Bug Fixes:
Private Domains become public on upgrade
Group ACL not functional in WebClient 5.0-6917 for Task, Notes, Calendar and Contacts
Migration wizard misses some aliases
Sa-update generates errors about Archive::Tar being too old.
Distributed email does not function properly
Restore doesn't restore all config files.
PostgreSQL will not start when InsightServer is upgrading.
Only first slave in master/slave configuration receives LDAP replication
Contacts created in Connector do not appear in WebClient
Searching email body when true returns error, as well as correct results.
Out of office setting doesn't work - "lost connection while sending end of data" error
4.3.x hide features not relevant to master/slave mode
Modifying user in Master/Slave environment causes errors
Upgrading master/slave causes problems.
Master/Slave: Cannot create or edit users on slave
Master/Slave: User cannot edit their preferences
Changing the Cyrus sharedprefix causes contact synchronization problem with WebClient
Recent Insight Server 4.3 builds are missing the idled binary.
Cyrus.conf doesn't exist, isn't created as part of install
Amavis will not restart after shutting down improperly contains invalid FROM

iCal Support for calendar sharing with other email clients
Mozilla Sunbird and Novell Evolution Calendar Sharing
Folder sharing
Meeting scheduling
Create events: accept/decline
Free/busy information
Spell Checker
Set private appointments
Multiple language Support
Global Address List with contacts
Advanced contact features
Read receipts
User customization
Content Message search
Public shared folders
Email flagging
Rich Text Editor
Quota Display
Fetchmail support
Wireless device support w/syncML

Known issues:
Outlook ical support does not work with the new WebClient. This will be working when ical for the connector is added.

Last updated on January 10th, 2008

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