IVS Milter 2.0.0 Pre7

IVS Milter provides a virus, spam, and content filtering milter.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Nigel Kukard
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IVS Milter provides a virus, spam, and content filtering milter.

IVS Milter is a virus, spam, and content milter. It makes use of the antivirus package ClamAV, and can also seamlessly integrate SpamAssassin (either spamc or libspamc).

IVS Milter is also plugin based and currently supports virus scanning, spam scanning, content-type matching, attachment type matching, and attachment filename matching.

What's New in 1.0.7 Stable Release:

Pointer NULL reference fixed
Fixed bug where glib was generating CRITICAL messages
Documentation update
Implemented SIGUSR1 to dynamically reload configuration file
Added support to reload directories of configuration files
Fixed possible segfault when no configuration file

What's New in 2.0.0 Pre7 Development Release:

Spamassassin 3.0 support added, although there have been reports of memory leaks when using the ENHANCED libspamc method, best to specify to have the scan forked and run instead of library call for now
Added thresholds so we can learn about spam, especially if you add your own rules you can force say everything over 100 to be learnt as spam
Fixed support for limiting how many children we can spawn, this now works!
Various bug fixes and small changes
Fixed a bug where clamav only checked first file of attachment for virus

Last updated on February 27th, 2007

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