Htnews 0.7.0

Htnews is an email robot.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Thomas Linden
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
Htnews is an email robot. It makes it easier to insert news items to your webpage. You have simply to send an email to a special address and the item will be inserted. htnews is highly External Link configurable, supports templates and a basic authentication using passwords and authentication via the originators E-mail-adress.

If you are interested in the history of changes of this software, please read the External Link Changelog.

Here are some key features of "Htnews":

· support the use of templates
· highly customizable via configuration-file
· supports Multipart-MIME messages (TEXT/HTML)
· can translate quoted-printable encoded messages to html-encoding
· archiv functionality
· also possible to run as cronjob to archive last month's news items
· can create a separate detail-page for every item
· basic authentication, with a password in the subject line (which will be removed before parsing) and with an access-file, that contains email-addresses. see the complete list in the man-page.


· autoconf and automake
· modern C++ compiler, egcs recomended
· glibc ( recommended
· sendmail installed (8.9.x recommended!)
· root permissions, you need to configure sendmail! (look at the FAQ to learn how to use htnews without root permissions!)
· and, of course, a running webserver. This is not recommended - you can distribute the created files yourself to any website!
· it would be a good idea to know something about html code and about email issues.
· It would be a good idea to have some knowledge about HTML and about sendmail config.

What's New in This Release:

· a new config file format will take place within the next version (0.7.0). Therefore
· I added two new temporary available commandline-options to give you the chance
· to migrate to the new format without the need to migrate. In other words, with
· htnews 0.6.9 you can use both the new or the old config file format.
· The change in the config: every parameter has now a name that points better to
· it's meaning. And it will be prepended a data-type specifyer, i.e. "Bool_Create_Mailto"
· needs a boolean value (YES or NO), "File_Index_Template" specifies a filename.
· Within version 0.7.0 you _must_ use the new format, the old one will be no longer
· supported!
· a few new options: Archiv_Months, UseLastMonth, ArchivURL, Archiv_LinkType, Archiv_LinkHead,
· Archiv_LinkFoot.
· Now you can choose between displaying of 11.1999 or November 1999, you can specify the month names
· bug fixed: with the new option "ArchivURL" it is now possible to access monthly archives
· in another path than the default!
· another bug fixed: if you create an archiv on 1.November 00:05, now it will name it
· "October_1999.html" instead of November..., it is possible to turn it of(UseLastMonth)

Last updated on June 23rd, 2006

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