Heapkeeper 0.9

A program to store mailing list archives

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What's new in Heapkeeper 0.9:

  • The code was refactored.
  • The JsTestDriver unit testing tool is now used.
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GPL v3 
Csaba Hoch and Attila Nagy
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
3 Heapkeeper Screenshots:
Heapkeeper - Using Heapkeeper’s shell to download new posts and modify themHeapkeeper - An index page of a heapHeapkeeper - HTML page of a thread
Heapkeeper is a program to store, display and modify email archives, especially mailing list archives.

“Modifying” means that the archive is not really an archive, rather it is a living document like a wiki: it can be modified (hopefully improved) by collaborators.

Emails (that are e.g. sent to a mailing list) are downloaded by Heapkeeper. After an email is downloaded, it is called a post. Posts are stored in Heapkeeper’s database, which is called the heap. The heap is stored in a set of text files; each file contains one post. Posts can be changed either from Heapkeeper’s console interface or by directly modifying the text files in which the posts are stored. Posts are organized in threads, as emails in mailing list archives usually are. Posts may have tags as well.

When modifying the heap, the content of the posts can be modified, threads can be restructured, tags can be added; or really anything can be done. If Heapkeeper’s console interface does not support the kind of modification that is to be performed, the user can either write a custom command using Python, or modify directly the files that store the posts. HTML index pages can be generated to display certain views of the heap. One of the most simple indices is just showing all posts in a threaded structure. When the user clicks on a post in an index in the browser, the browser will display the HTML generated from the corresponding post.

Last updated on January 3rd, 2011

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