GoogleMail Sentinel 0.3

GoogleMail Sentinel is a mail notifier for your Gmail e-mail account.

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What's new in GoogleMail Sentinel 0.3:

  • This version is a lot better than 0.1.
  • Gmail-sentinel has been reworked and now uses a plugin system for notifications.
  • A real logging system has been added.
  • There are new command line options; you can enter your credentials via the command line if putting them in the configuration file makes you uncomfortable.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 17
Rodrigo Lazo
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
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GoogleMail SentinelGoogleMail SentinelGoogleMail Sentinel
GoogleMail Sentinel is a mail notifier for your Gmail e-mail account.

GoogleMail Sentinel is a mail notifier for Google Mail (Gmail) that creates an icon in your Taskbar and features popup alerts when there's new mail in your GoogleMail (Gmail) account.


The typical

# make
% make install

should work. The `make` step is needed to compile the translations.

Options that modify `make install` behaviour


The lib directory to be appended to PREFIX. Default: /lib


The installation prefix. Default: /usr/local


You need to copy the gmail-sentinel.conf.sample file to your $HOME dir and rename it .gmail-sentinel.conf

The sample configuration file is well comment. An exception is the 'path' option inside the "media" section. This path should point to the directory were the media files (images) are stored. The default value should be correct for any installation using the default LIBDIR and PREFIX values. If you modify the prefix value I'm sure you have enough knowledge to modify this path to the correct value.

Last updated on October 7th, 2008

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