Gnarwl 3.6

Gnarwl is a serverside email autoresponder, which is backed by an LDAP database.

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What's new in Gnarwl 3.6:

  • Minor bugfixes
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Patrick Ahlbrecht
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
Gnarwl is a serverside email autoresponder, which is backed by an LDAP database. It is designed to be used as a drop in replacement for the old vacation program. With gnarwl, users are no longer required to have system accounts on the mail server and especially, they no longer need to learn how to work with a command-line in order to activate "out of office" replies for their emails, if they just want to Thus system security on the mail server and user experience is significantly improved.

Why should you consider to use gnarwl as an email autoresponder?

You administer the mail server of an organization, consisting of dozens of individual users, having potentially hundreds of different email addresses in total. This kind of setup can only reasonably be managed using a database and the most common database for this kind of job is LDAP. Gnarwl will neatly integrate into such an environment.
Since gnarwl is plugged into the mail server architecture, there is no client side installation required. Users just have to enter their holiday times and absentee messages into the database and then toggle their vacation status. Central management of out of office email helps keeping IT costs low.
The software is so flexible, it can for example, also easily be adapted for robotic email replies (e.g. or, telling your customers, that their email was received and will be processed as soon as possible. No additional configuration for this is required. It is as simple as creating a new mail account, permanently toggling it's vacation status and adding the email address in question to it as well. Service in marketing by email was never easier.
Gnarwl is currently the leading solution for LDAP based email auto responding and as such already part of many Linux distributions as well is included in the BSD ports collection. Licensed under the terms of the GPL, gnarwl comes free of charge and has proven it's reliability for several years by now. This means convenience for your users while satisfying management by keeping business costs low.

Last updated on February 23rd, 2009

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