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GmailAgent is a application that acts as a local email client.




GmailAgent is a application that acts as a email client and can be used by programs
like Digikam,gthumb and others to provide email access to a Gmail account.

It's written in Python and pyQT. GmailAgent is licensed under the GPL. Many programs like the ones mentioned before uses a plugins sheme to let the user start a external email client to compose a message with selected files from the program as attachments.

The 'problem' with Gmail is that it's webbased and only accessible through the internet.
GmailAgent provides a simple local email frontend where the user can fill in a address and
type some message. It uses libgmail to send the message to the Gmail account which will process it further.

GmailAgent supports the 'remote command' syntax from Mozilla so any program which provide the user with a 'Mozilla' choice can use GmailAgent. When this syntax isn't used GmailAgent tries to make a educated guess.

In addition to the above, GmailAgent is now also supported by the kipi project. So with programs that use these plugins, like Digikam, KimDaBa,Gwenview, and others you can just choose 'GmailAgent' as your email agent.


Python >= 2.3
Python-dev >= 2.3
Python-qt3 (pyQT)

What's New in This Release:

A missing module was added to prevent the GUI from crashing.
Last updated on October 14th, 2005

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