Evolution Jescs 2.28.0

The Evolution Connector for Sun Java Enterprise System Calendar Server (SJESCS).

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.6/5 19
evolution-jescs Team
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
Evolution Jescs is the Evolution Connector for Sun Java Enterprise System Calendar Server (SJESCS), which adds support for SJESCS 5.1 and above to Evolution.

This connector supports the WCAP (Web Calendar Access Protocol) 2.0, 3.0, 3.1.

How to setup a JESCS account?

Now it is integrated into "Mail Accounts" under menu "Edit-->Preferences". Click "Add" button to bring up the account setup widzard. In "Identity" page, please input your Full Name and Email Address. In "Receiving Email" page, choose "Sun Calendar WCAP" as the Server Type. Input Host and Username here.

If your server listens to another port instead of the default one (80 for http, 143 for https), please input Host in the "Host:Port" format, such as "calendar.sun.net:8080". For "Use Secure Connection", please choose "Never" for http and "Always" for https.

In "Receiving Options" page, if you want to poll the server for new events and tasks at a different interval than the default 30 minutes, please check the checkbox and choose a interval. Please note that a small interval setting will impact the performance of the connector. If you are sure you are the only one accessing your calendar, you can set the interval to a very large number.

The "Sending Email" page actually is useless for the connector. You can just input anything here so that you can go forward.

In "Account Management" page, please enter your account name here. Then you can finish your JESCS account setting.

Last updated on September 22nd, 2009

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