Evolution 3.14.0 Beta 1

A PIM (Personal Information Management) suite with integrated mail, addressbook and calendar

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What's new in Evolution 3.14.0 Beta 1:

  • Bug Fixes:
  • Bug 742611 - Extra empty line added when deleting sections from quoted text when replying to a mail (Tomas Popela)
  • Bug 743288 - Extra space left when breaking a long paragraph (Tomas Popela)
  • Bug 743550 - Invalid free in e_html_editor_view_add_inline_image_from_element() (Milan Crha)
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
The Evolution Team
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Evolution is an open source project that provides users with a complex graphical application that integrates email, calendaring and address book functionality. It is the default email client of the GNOME desktop environment. With Evolution you should have no fear of any viruses or worms when reading your emails, as the software provides a high-level security and encryption protocol, as well as junk filtering functionality.

A very complex application

The application is very complex and it comprises of several components, such as Evolution Data Server, Evolution EWS and Evolution Mapi. The last two are optional, but required if you want to add support for Exchange Web Services or many other mailer features.

A sophisticated e-mail client

The e-mail component of the application is very sophisticated, providing advanced email searching, ability to organize and sort email by folders or labels, user-defined filters, support for multiple accounts, delete, expunge and undelete emails, as well as the ability to handle spam and junk email.

Supports encrypted messages

In addition, the application supports sending and receiving of encrypted e-mail, read receipts, and the ability to add attachments to emails, spell check the text of new emails, and to format emails in plain text or HTML.

Supports vCards and iCalendars

The calendar part of the program provides users with support for web calendars, customized reminders, multiple calendar views, iCalendar support, support for to-do lists, LDAP compatibility, and the ability to share vCards.

Additionally, you can add, edit and delete appointments, change the calendar layout, add reminders for appointments, sort and organize calendars, as well as to send email invitations for appointments to the contacts in your address book.

Besides the ability to add, remove or edit contacts, the address book component allows users to sort, organize and group contacts. It can also autocomplete mail recipients based on the email addresses and names entered in the mail composer.

The most powerful email clients of Linux

As mentioned before, Evolution is a very complex application that has been originally developed by Novell for their SUSE Enterprise Linux operating system. It one of the most powerful email clients of Linux.

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