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Epiphany Extensions package contains extension for Epiphany software.





Epiphany Extensions package contains extension for Epiphany software.

How to choose which extensions to build:

./configure --with-extensions=ext1,ext2,...

where ext1, ext2 ... are one of the following:

actions Perform actions on links from the context menu
adblock Block content based on its URL
auto-scroll Auto scroll on middle mouse clicks
auto-reload Reload a tab periodically
bookmarks-tray Add bookmarks menu to the panel
certificates Display SSL certificates
dashboard Send cluepackets to Dashboard
error-viewer Error Viewer dialog [i.e., Javascript, HTML errors]
extensions-manager-ui GUI to enable and disable Epiphany extensions
favicon Loads /favicon.ico if the page doesn't specify one
gestures Mouse gestures
greasemonkey Load mozilla greasmonkey scripts
imagebar Display a toolbar over images
java-console Provide access to the Java-Plugin Console
livehttpheaders Display HTTP headers
net-monitor Monitor the network status and set 'offline' mode accordingly
page-info Show information about the current page
permissions Manage web site permissions
push-scroller Scroll by holding the middle mouse button and 'pushing'
python-console Opens an interactive Python console
rss Subscribe to newsfeeds contained in web pages
select-stylesheet Switch between alternate stylesheets
sidebar Adds a sidebar to Epiphany
smart-bookmarks Right-click on selected text to search the Web for it
tab-groups Open new tabs to the right of the current one
tab-states Indicates unread tabs in the tab label
tabsmenu Tabs menu entries to move tabs across windows

all All of the above extensions

sample Sample extension [use this as a template]
sample-mozilla Sample extension using Mozilla API [use as a template]

really-all All of the above extensions (including samples)
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