Endymion MailMan Web-Mail 3.2.19

Endymion MailMan Web-Mail is a stable, mature, and robust Web-based email system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Endymion Corporation
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
MailMan is a web-based email system that can be installed on any web site that can support CGI scripts. It was specifically designed to be as easy as possible to install and maintain.

It has been in use in various different forms since 1997, and has benefited from years of modifications, tuning, and additions. MailMan is very robust and stable and is frequently updated with new improvements.

MailMan has been downloaded from our web site by over 35,000 people since 1997 and provides reliable email service to millions of end users every single day. We constantly work to improve MailMan and our user base is always growing.

MailMan is an open source commercial product, meaning that the source code for MailMan is available to valid licensees who are interested in making modifications. The source for MailMan is not freely available to non-licensees though, as some open-source projects are.


In order to install either edition of MailMan you must have a functioning web server that has the ability to run Perl CGI applications. We strongly recommend Apache Server simply because we are very familiar with it and it is known to work very well pretty much everywhere. MailMan has been installed on virtually every web server that we have ever heard of, including Microsoft IIS on Windows servers and Apache on Macintosh OSX servers. Your server must have Perl, version 5 installed. For Windows servers we strongly recommend using the ActivePerl interpreter, available from ActiveState.

We have tested MailMan on systems running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, just about every variant of BSD including Macintosh OSX, plus Linux, Solaris, Irix, and lots of others. MailMan has no known operating system incompatibilities. If you are curious about whether your operating system can support MailMan, it probably can. If you are not sure whether your web server can support MailMan, it probably can. If you are not sure whether your mail server is compatible with MailMan, it probably is.

To run the Professional Edition of MailMan, you must also have some disk space free on your HTTP server for storing user messages and settings. How much disk space you need depends on how many users you have and how much mail they get.

To read incoming mail you must have access to a functioning POP3 mail server and to send outgoing messages you must have access to a functioning STMP mail server. These are all very common Internet standards and you probably have access to the necessary mail servers if you have an Internet email account.

Last updated on April 29th, 2005

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