Email Administration Utility 1.5.2

Email Administration Utility provides an IMAP-based email account management utility.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Chris Bowlby
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
Email Administration Utility provides an IMAP-based email account management utility.

The Email Administration Utilities package can be used to manage email accounts with a series of PHP-based scripts through a browser.

Addition, Removal, and modification of accounts is possible as long as an IMAP port is available on the mail server.

The Mailadmin project was originally designed to help owners of domains that were hosted by Hub.Org Networking Services. The company wanted users to be able to create, remove or modify email accounts when ever they wanted, giving them a quicker turnaround for Mail Administration Purposes.

As the utility was developed, tested and matured into what it is today, many users requested more features or contributed reports of issues to help improve the utilities stability. Hub.Org has given me permission to release the utility as an Open Source package so that others may also benifit from the simplicity that the Mailadmin utility offers to those who need complete control over email accounts.

With this in mind, I intend to continue development by adding new features as they are requested and fix any issues that may pop up. The more users who use and test the features that the Mailadmin utility offers will help to improve the functionality offered by Mailadmin. I have opened a Sourceforge account to help manage the development and releases of the utility as it matures into what users and developers see the Mailadmin to be.

Here are some key features of "Email Administration Utility":

· Administrator:
· Adding/Deleting Email accounts.
· Setting Account Quotas.
· Obtaining Administrative Access Over Older Accounts.
· Changing An Accounts Password.
· Interfaces with the Cyrus IMAP/POP3 server.
· Transaction Log system, allowing you to track changes or to help debug issues.

· Standard User:
· Changing The Accounts Password.

· In Development:
· Transaction Log system, allowing you to track changes or to help debug issues.


· IMAP::Admin
· Cyrus Sasl2 (saslpasswd2, etc.)
· PHP capable web server (apache, etc.)
· PostgreSQL 7.1+ for database support

What's New in This Release:

· Added the ability to specify you want buttons instead of links for making changes, etc.
· Added javascript error handling to make user input and validation cleaner.
· Made sure that there is a pretty good distinction of admin and user help when you view the help topics.
· Added the ability to specify a prefix url. This allows you to install mailadmin in a subdirectory of your website and have the urls all work correctly.
· Added support for different imap seperators. It defaults to '.'.
· Updated the scripts to work with sasl2. There is currently no way to use sasl1 unless you re-edit the scripts. You would just have to remove the 2 from the salspasswd2 instances.
· Quoted all arguments to the perl scripts so that special characters are hidden from the shell.
· Made the username edit field larger so you can try and use user@domain style usernames. Cyrus 2.2+
· Made the setcookie code hopefully work with the different versions of php since it changed to require just the unix timestamp and not the ISO format da te value.

Last updated on March 16th, 2007

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