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Download Slave provides a remote-controlled download slave.

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Christian Ordig
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Download Slave provides a remote-controlled download slave.

The Download Slave is a very flexible script which is controlled via eMail and stores files requested for downloading on the server's harddisk or sends them via eMail to the user who asked for them. Users are identified by their eMail address and a personal password, so only authorized users can use the service.

Here are some key features of "Download Slave":

users identified by their eMail address and a personal password
a real multi user mode, so each user has his own home and can have his own CD-R burnt.
corporate mode: all downloaded files are stored in one base directory
every download is logged
user gets a status mail about his download request
slave is controlled via commands in the eMail message body
download things onto the server's HDD... (also more than one URL per eMail request possible...)
show already downloaded files (that are on the server's HDD)
change own password
download files onto the server's HDD and send them via eMail to you (split into parts of 1MB). The last one of such a multi part eMail has an attached script to rejoin the large file...
online help
an index file which holds who downloaded what and when and a short description given by the downloading user in his mail subject


a MTA which supports programs as aliases (sendmail for example)
Perl 5.00x (yes... it's written in perl... )
wget (this is the program that does all the real downloading stuff...)

What's New in This Release:

changed the version number to represend the year in 4 digits ;-)
the mail envelope is set according to the From: header of the answer mail sent by the program. This is nice for slaves running on machines without an official domain name. (maybe on a dialup line and other things)
New multi user mode:
each user gets his own "home" directory now. (so you can easyly burn an individual CD for each user)
list only shows the files belonging to the user requested the list
Problem with the logging solved (now honours the actual $LOG_Level)
a very simple Makefile added

Last updated on April 30th, 2007

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