Das Katerchen SMTP server 0.1.2

Das Katerchen SMTP server is a simple SMTP server for Linux platforms.

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BSD License 
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Guido Reina
ROOT \ Communications \ Email
Das Katerchen SMTP server is an SMTP server software for Linux platforms. Because the relay is not implemented yet, so far you can only use it for incoming mail.

It supports the mininum requirements of the RFC 2821 plus the following extensions:

* CHUNKING SMTP extension: RFC 1830
* 8BITMIME SMTP extension: RFC 1652
* SIZE SMTP extension: RFC 1870


For handling the connections I have used the same "engine" as in the webserver.

I have divided the SMTP server in three components. The first two components are already finished and thus, you can already use it for incoming mail.

Receiver: The Receiver is the one who manages the incoming connections and handles the SMTP protocol. It stores the messages as they arrive in the IncomingDirectory. Once the message has been successfully received, it is moved to the ReceivedDirectory, where the Delivery process will be responsible for it.

The Receiver appends a pre-header to the message in disk with information about the reverse-path and the list of forward-paths, so the Delivery can know who the sender and the recipients were.

I haven't implemented yet the commands: HELP, EXPN and VRFY (this should be very straightforward). Therefore, in these cases, the following message will be returned: "502 5.5.1 Command not implemented".

The Receiver also supports the CHUNKING SMTP extension (RFC 1830) and it should support the 8BITMIME SMTP extension (I haven't tested this).

Delivery: The Delivery is the one who delivers the messages from the ReceivedDirectory to the final users and, in case a message must be relayed, it also places a copy of the message in the RelayDirectory. The Delivery runs in a separate process. The Receiver waits for a specified time and then checks whether there are new messages. If a message arrives during this time, in order to speed up its delivery, the Receiver sends a notification signal (SIGUSR1) to the Delivery.

Relayer: The Relayer is the one who relays the messages. This is the part that isn't done yet.

All these directories are configurable in the SmtpServer.conf file. When configuring the DomainsDirectory you must make sure that it contains, for each domain you want to give service to, a directory with the same name and, for each one, the list of mailboxes (local-part).



What's New in This Release:

This release fixes a couple of bugs.
The makefile has been improved.

Last updated on December 16th, 2007

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