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Cronos II is a powerful and friendly email client designed for the Gnome Desktop





Cronos II is a powerful and friendly email client designed for the Gnome Desktop.

This project aims to build an email client which incorporates intuitive interface, speed, robustness, simplicity, strenght and realiability.

Clearly, Cronos II achived all this goals, and that's what makes it the best option for you mail management needs.

Other feature that Cronos II counts with is that, even though it depends in almost no other software (just gnome-libs), it can make use of other software and libraries, which will provide you, the user, with great extra features.

Here are some key features of "Cronos II":

· Installing new features from Internet (in progress)
· Send later ability
· External editor capability
· Editable toolbar
· Highlighting (both for reading and writing mails)
· Syntax highlighting in mail source code displaying
· Great integration with the Gnome Desktop.
· User interface customizable through Glade.
· Translation to many idioms.

What's New in This Release:

· This new preview release introduces many changes and serious bugfixes including the 'account editing' crash and the problems with non-Linux platforms. This version is much more stable than the previous one. Now the noHTML plugin is built in so Cronos II supports stripping the HTML tags so it can display HTML messages correctly. GNOME integration has been done much better. There's a new dialog to be to protect your emails stored locally with a password. A message viewer window has been coded so it's possible to open mails in and out of the database using a file manager like gmc or Nautilus.
Last updated on June 9th, 2006
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