Cerberus Helpdesk 6.8.3

A commercial and enterprise-ready email response system for Linux-based operating systems

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What's new in Cerberus Helpdesk 6.8.3:

  • [Popups/Usability] Updated the jQuery UI library from 1.10.3 to 1.10.4 to fix issues with popups scrolling unexpectedly when clicking on form elements. This was first introduced in Cerb 6.6.
  • [Popups/Usability] Removed the jQuery UI floating tooltips introduced in 6.8.0 for popup forms. These could cause a scrolling popup to constantly scroll back to the top of the window when a form element was clicked.
  • [Virtual Attendants/Dates] Fixed an issue with date-based behavior variables and custom fields in the 'Create task' and 'Create ticket' actions of Virtual Attendants. It was possible in some situations for strange dates to be generated, like "monday +2 weeks" resulting in a date 90 years in the future.
  • [CHD-3850] [Mail/Virtual Attendants] Improved the 'Ticket conversation viewed by worker' event so it runs before the record is loaded on a ticket profile. As a consequence, any changes to the ticket by that behavior will now be properly reflected on the profile when it loads (previously, this required a page refresh).
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Cerberus HelpdeskCerberus HelpdeskCerberus Helpdesk
Cerberus Helpdesk or Cerb is a web-based commercial, platform-independent and open source email response system that is easy to integrate, customize and extend. It was created to decrease the need for time-consuming and redundant human interaction with customers.

Originally written as a trouble ticket system, Cerberus Helpdesk helps your sales, billing or support departments to be able to easily and quickly interact with inbound customer email inquiries. With more 12 years of continuous innovation, Cerb has been successfully deployed on over 18,000 organizations.

Features at a glance

Key features include email fetch and retrieve support, adaptive anti-spam engine, web-based support portal, service level agreements, due date management and schedules, email templates, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base.

When using Cerb, your employees will be able to work efficiently, capture feedback and collaborate with customers better, from anywhere in the world, automate workflow, flag opportunities, share expert knowledge, stay informed, build shared workspaces, manage tasks, reply to huge number of emails, as well as to remember anything about anyone.

Pricing and availability

While you will be able to download a free trial of Cerb, or grab the latest source code from GitHub and compile it yourself, pricing starts from 252 USD (202 EUR) per seat if you install the software on your hardware, as well as 25 USD (20 EUR) per month per seat if you host Cerberus Helpdesk in the cloud.

Supported operating systems and requirements

At the moment, Cerberus Helpdesk has been successfully tested with numerous GNU/Linux distributions, as well as with the BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It supports the Apache, Nginx or IIS web servers, the MySQL 5.0 or newer database server, and PHP 5.3 or newer, which should have the gd, mysql, mailparse, imap, dom, json, spl and mbstring extensions installed. The xcache and memcache PHP extensions are recommended.

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